Finish Festival


We’re pleased to announce that we are headlining this years EPÄJOHDONMUKAISTEN TANSSIAISET in Finland. More details about the festival can be found HERE Tickets Tickets available via

Echo & The Bunnymen Merchandise

New merch drop

We’re excited to announce that our new Echo & The Bunnymen t-shirt is now available for pre-order. This exclusive design features the iconic pylon and tree from the band’s Porcupine album tour and can only be found on

Echo & The Bunnymen Amazon Advert

Amazon Advert

For our fans who are state side based you might recognise a certain tune on the new Amazon advertising campaign.

Echo & The Bunnymen Live Rock Herk

Belgium Gig

We will be playing in Belgium at the Rock Herk festival on the 15th July. Tickets Tickets are available from our Live Page

Ian McCulloch Handwritten prints

Ian’s prints back in stock

We are pleased to announce that Ian’s handwritten signed lyric prints are back in stock. Each one is hand written at his home in Liverpool. Purchase today