Echo & The Bunnymen 1983 Porcupine T.Shirt

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to pre-order our first Echo & The Bunnymen Heritage T.Shirt. This fantastic design is a reproduction of the original 1983 Porcupine T.Shirt using original 1983 images by our great friend, graphic designer & artist Mark Liptrott.  Mark has captured the original  look […]

Evergreen Vinyl Release Date

Please note that we have been informed by London Records that there has been an issue with the pressing of the Limited edition Evergreen Vinyl. The new release date is now Friday 9th December. You are still able to place orders via the usual channels.

Classic Bunnymen Pins (Badges)

We all love a great button badge, it’s a classic way to show your love for Echo & The Bunnymen.For our first two classic official Echo & The Bunnymen button badge re-release, we have created five versions of the legendary scratchy logo writing as featured on early Echo & The […]


We are excited to share with you our new Official Echo & The Bunnymen / Ian McCulloch YouTube Channel. Over the past couple of weeks we have been uploading lots of great video footage, from Official Videos to TV shows featuring the band. Make sure to check it out and […]


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Echo & The Bunnymen’s second coming, London Records revisit the band’s triumphant album Evergreen, set for release on the 18th November and available to pre-order now. Evergreen receives a vinyl pressing for the very first time, with an initial run of limited edition solid white vinyl available to pre-order here. […]